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New Zealand Māori Keyboard

To easily access macrons on your PC windows based computer go to the Microsoft Download Centre.

After installing the Māori Keyboard definition a user can press the [~`] key once then any vowel. This applies to upper case as well as lower case letters.

i.e. the ā character would be entered by pressing the [~`] key then the [a] key.



Links/Ngā Hononga:

Click on a link to take you to these other Catholic websites.

New Zealand Catholic websites:

National website - www.catholic.org.nz

Catholic Communications - www.cathcom.org.nz

World Youth Day New Zealand: www.wyd.org.nz

Maori Catholic Boarding School Websites:

Hato Petera College - www.hatopetera.college.nz
Hato Paora College - www.hatopaora.school.nz
St Joseph's Maori Girls College - www.sjmgc.school.nz

Diocesan Websites:

Auckland Diocese -www.ak.catholic.org.nz
Hamilton Diocese - www.hn.catholic.org.nz
Palmerston North Diocese - www.pn.catholic.org.nz
Wellington Archdiocese - http://www.wn.catholic.org.nz
Christchurch Diocese - www.chch.catholic.org.nz
Dunedin Diocese - www.dn.catholic.org.nz


Catholic Youth: CONNECT - a Catholic Youth website

World Youth Day: www.wyd.org

Vatican website - www.vatican.va

International Catholic on-line - www.catholic.org

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry - www.aboriginalcm.cathcomm.org/